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Welcome to New Orleans’ best kept secret in wedding and lifestyle photography! We are The Red M Studio, storytellers on a quest to create family legacies with an authentic, spirited photographic experience.


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Mondays with M – Moments that make me nostalgic

Back to schoolI see them all over your Facebook pages … the little ones with big proud smiles …. the bigger ones barely tolerating you and doing their best to keep from rolling their eyes.  They are all decked out in freshly pressed uniforms … or adorable outfits that I know your daughters painstakingly obsessed over for days.  And the sentiments are the same … that you can’t believe they are getting this big … that you can’t believe another year has gone by … but time does march on and I promise you that it goes by in a flash.  I remember the days when my guys were in school, and I was a working mom and den mother to 15 cub scouts, and I was so overwhelmed … I wished that they would grow up quickly, and then I blinked and fast-forwarded 19 years, and now I miss having those little guys around.   Cherish every moment, and document the heck out of those moments … because every one of those precious moments matters.  Make them stand for that photo for you … take a selfie with them … whatever you have to do.  And if you need professional assistance, weellll …  I can’t be there on your front lawn on their first day of school, but I can have you bring your little one into our studio for a keepsake back to school session, and you can find out more information about that HERE!  In the meantime, hug your babies and hold them dear … and thanks for hangin’ out.  See you next Monday!


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    Welcome to New Orleans’ best kept secret in wedding and lifestyle photography!


    Clean, bold, authentic photography for people who live big and love bigger!

    LegacyLive your