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Your Photos at the right size

Want to try photos on for size in your own home? We work with many of our clients to design beautiful portrait groupings for their walls. These can either be done with canvas for a more modern look, or with framed images for a more traditional look.


Just send us a photo of your room and we’ll work our magic to show you what your photos will look like at exactly the right size for your walls.


You will be given a special ruler to hang on your wall in any area where you would like for us to design a Wall Art grouping. Send us a photograph of the area, taken straight on, including the ruler. Also include any furniture in the foreground for reference, as well as the ceiling line, if possible.


Tape a piece of paper to the wall

The only thing we need from you is a photo of a standard size piece of paper (8.5x11 or A4) taped to the wall where you want your gallery. Tape the paper vertically or horizontally, just try to make it as straight as possible


Step back

Step back about 12-15 feet. If your room isn’t big enough for that, no big deal, just step back as far as you can. We just want to see where your photos will go in context with other items in your room so that you can compare the size to things your familiar with.


Take a photo

Face straight at the wall and take the picture as level as possible. Try to get furniture, windows or doorways in the photo to give you something to relate to for size reference. Want to try multiple rooms? Repeat those three steps for each room.


Email it to us

Once you’ve finished photographing your walls, just shoot the photos over to us and we’ll start working our magic to show you just how great your photos will look in your home.

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