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How Much Photography Do I Need?

INSTRUCTIONS:  This is an estimating tool to guide you in planning how much photography time you will need to capture your wedding day.  Begin by filling in the estimated times in the “0” fields.  Fields that are already filled in are time estimates that are required by our photography team.  Be generous with time estimates, and always estimate up to allow for delays during the flow of your day.

Ideally you should schedule your photographer to arrive during the last half hour of bride’s hair and makeup. We will take a few shots of the final touches being done, then turn to your details.


Get ready time
Photographer will arrive and begin with your details: dress, shoes, garter, flowers, sentimental details (Tip: have all details gathered in one place. Have bridesmaids dresses on hangers ready for photography.) (minimum 45 minutes, 60 or more preferred)
Putting on your dress: Add 15 minutes for getting into dress; add 10 additional minutes if dress has a corset back
After dress is on, photographer will capture bride being assisted with putting on jewelry, garters, and shoes and placing of veil. The photographer will then take a series of photos of bride alone, capturing the hair, makeup, holding bouquet, etc. (minimum 20 minutes, 35 preferred)
After getting dressed, if bride wants to take photos with bridesmaids, add a minimum of 30 minutes
If the couple is doing a “first look” add 30 minutes plus any time desired for a couples only photo shoot
Couple/Group/Family photos after a first look. 0 if these photos will be taken after the ceremony. (Plan about 5 minutes for setup and then about 1 1/2 minutes per each different grouping, e.g. 10 group photos = 20 minutes)
Ceremony/Reception time
Enter travel time in minutes from get ready venue to ceremony venue (Tip: Consult Google Maps, then be sure to add time for traffic and getting in and out of limo)
Arrival at venue and photographer setup before ceremony (15 minutes required.)
Enter length of your ceremony in minutes
Family formals after your ceremony. 0 if already taken after first look. Add 20 – 35 minutes, depending on number of formals. (Tip: Make a list of family formals. Plan about 5 minutes for setup and then about 1 1/2 minute per each different grouping, e.g. 10 group photos = 20 minutes)
Enter travel time in minutes from wedding venue to reception venue
Enter number of hours for your reception