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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in the "package?"

We offer 3 different packages that differ in the number of hours of coverage, as well as the number of sessions included, i.e. engagement, bridal, etc., and other product inclusions. Packages can be customized to suit your needs. All wedding packages include two photographers, your digital images on a jump drive, a print release, and an online gallery.

What is "Client For Life"?

When you #GetWedWithRed, you become part of the family. As a result, all couples booking a 7+ hour package with The Red M Studio are granted Client for Life membership. This entitles couples to one complimentary photo session per year for as long as we are in business.

How many hours of coverage do I need?

We will work closely with you to build a timeline that ensures you get exactly the right amount of coverage for your day. If you would like to estimate it for yourself, you can try out our photography time calculator here.

Will you be shooting other weddings on my wedding date?

In order to maintain quality and rapid turn around, we take only a limited number of weddings each year. Additionally, we will book only one wedding on any given day to insure that your wedding gets all the attention it deserves.

How do I secure my wedding date?

In order for your wedding date to become secure on our calendar, we require a signed contract and receipt of your retainer.

Tell me more about this retainer.

The retainer is 50% of the total cost of your wedding coverage, due at the time of signing, with the balance due two weeks before the date of the wedding. This retainer is non-refundable. However, if we are able to rebook the date, the retainer will be refunded.

Who signs the contract?

The bride, or wedding couple is required to sign the contract even if the parents, or some other party is paying for the photography. It has been our experience that the bride, or wedding couple should have a clear understanding of what is in the contract as they are the ones who we will be interacting with on wedding day.

How long before I see my wedding photos?

In most cases we will be able to make proofs available within 3 - 4 weeks after photography.

What do you mean by “proofs”?

The images that you receive will be proofs and will have basic retouching applied. Basic retouching, defined as color correction (aka white balance), light adjustment (aka exposure compensation), and cropping is included. These are suitable for printing as they are.

We have our images now, how do we get prints?

We offer two ways for you, your family, and your guests to receive prints. All weddings come with a password protected, online gallery for sharing and the printing of gift prints. Gift print refers to images 8x10 and smaller. Before this gallery is made public, the couple will have the opportunity to have any photos they deem unattractive removed.

Prints ordered directly through our studio will also receive blemish removal, skin softening, sharpening and other artistic touches and is especially recommended for wall art pieces that will be printed larger than 8 X 10. This more detailed editing is also included for any images included in an album.

How many images do I receive?

You can count on roughly 100 images to be delivered for every hour of coverage that we shoot. A typical 3-location, 8 hour wedding will receive a jump drive with 700 – 800 images.

But I saw you shooting way more than 700 images. Can I have them all?

We actually shoot as much as 2,500 images on a typical wedding day. We carefully cull the images to remove blinks, misfires, duplicate images, unflattering images, etc. What remains are the ones that we edit and deliver to our clients. By doing this we will present you with an album of only the best images. And who wants to look at unflattering photos anyway?

How do you keep my images safe?

Because digital images are just that, digital, great care is taken to make sure that your wedding images are safe and do not get compromised in any way. The first thing we do to secure your images is to shoot on double cards. That way, in the case of card corruption, we will have a second copy. Additionally, we shoot multiple images of the same thing. Before we leave your wedding venue, we separate the cards and secure the copies in two different locations in case something happens on the way home. Upon arriving home from your wedding, before we go to sleep, your wedding images are downloaded onto our computer, a backup copy is made, and we place the original cards in our fireproof safe. Additionally, a second backup is stored offsite to guard against theft, fire, flood, etc.

Double cards? My friend’s nice camera doesn’t have that?

We use professional equipment designed to acquire the highest quality images. In addition to the security recording two copies of every image, our cameras are also designed to work well in low light and focus faster than consumer grade equipment.

My friend wants to be a photographer and wants to shoot alongside you. That’s OK, right?

We work together as a team and have an understanding of the pace and sequence of the day and have perfected the delicate dance of how to stay out of one another’s way. The presence of non-professional photographers impedes our ability to capture requested shots.

So what if something happens to you before our wedding?

Your wedding is a year away and we will do everything in our power to be there. When we commit to you, we will be there, barring accidents or other unforeseen illness. In the event that an emergency occurs, we belong to a strong network of trusted professional photographers who we can call upon to assist us in an emergency.

Hmmm … sometimes stuff happens. Are you insured?

You’ve probably already noticed that responsibility and reliability are hallmarks of our business. Yes. We are fully insured. That insurance includes the replacement of our equipment in the event it is lost or stolen in the lead up to your wedding as well as general liability insurance to cover damage or injury caused by us or our equipment during your event.


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