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Welcome to New Orleans’ best kept secret in wedding and lifestyle photography! We are The Red M Studio, storytellers on a quest to create family legacies with an authentic, spirited photographic experience.


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Mondays with M – Moments that are good for the soul

I took a little girlfriend getaway with my bestie this week, so I’m running a little bit behind.  I wish I had some amazing imagery to share with you, but much like the mailman doesn’t take a long walk on his day off, I pretty much just snap cell phone pics on my days off … the world as I see it.  So this is what girlfriend trips look like to me … selfies, eating things that the husband would never find appealing and finding a few magical moments on the beach. OK, full disclosure … I did have to break out the Nikon for the carousel image when that amazing reflection just took my breath away.  What I failed to capture in images was the shopping and restaurant hopping, and what I couldn’t capture was the chatter … it takes almost two days to just catch up on what’s happening in each others’ lives.  It’s sad that we get so busy with the day to day that so much time can go by in between visits.  After the catching up, comes the 15+ years of “remember when we did that thing” … and that’s when the real fun begins.  When all is said and done, girlfriend trips are good for the soul … they give you a little break from the day in day out stresses of life, they give you a chance to connect with someone who totally gets you, and give you an opportunity to remember who you are as a person, aside from being an awesome wife/mother/daughter/employee or whoever it is that seems to command all of your attention.  And in the end, they help you to appreciate the everyday that you left behind so that you can return renewed, refreshed and fully appreciative of what awaits you at home … like that amazing cup of coffee that appears next to my bed every morning! 😉  Glad to be home, honey!

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    Welcome to New Orleans’ best kept secret in wedding and lifestyle photography!


    Clean, bold, authentic photography for people who live big and love bigger!

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