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Welcome to New Orleans’ best kept secret in wedding and lifestyle photography! We are The Red M Studio, storytellers on a quest to create family legacies with an authentic, spirited photographic experience.


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Mondays with M – Moments that Matter to Your Community

In between suffering through the Saints game yesterday, and fast-forwarding through beer commercials, this ad for Small Business Saturday captured my attention.  I went to the Internet and searched for it and watched it a few times over, and as I watched, I realized that it struck such a strong chord because they were talking about us.  Yes Steve and I are photographers, but first and foremost we are now the owners of a small business.  And everything they said in this ad is true; we work harder than we ever did in our corporate jobs, but we love what we do and feel honored to be able to do it.  By staying small we are able to keep our business very personal.  Last week was insanely busy and in the middle of all the busyness I simultaneously talked two families through their “what to wear” clothing crises (with awesome results … aaand working on a third one), pulled a smile out of child who would rather be sleeping, taught a bride how to pose and more importantly, how to lace up her wedding dress so that she’d be ready for the big day and cried behind my camera while I watched another bride dance with her father.   These are all such tiny little moments, but it’s the little personal touches we are able to offer in small business that make all the difference.  We care about our customers … a lot.  Saturday, November 29, 2015 is small business Saturday.  Keep small business in mind on that day and throughout your holiday shopping season.  Remember to #shopsmall, because what you spend in your community stays in your community.

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    Welcome to New Orleans’ best kept secret in wedding and lifestyle photography!


    Clean, bold, authentic photography for people who live big and love bigger!

    LegacyLive your