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Welcome to New Orleans’ best kept secret in wedding and lifestyle photography! We are The Red M Studio, storytellers on a quest to create family legacies with an authentic, spirited photographic experience.


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Victoria has a Secret, and So do I

Keeping up with social media is going to be the death of me. I’ve been spending way too many hours trying to figure out Reels, and well, let’s just say it’s going to be a while before I’m a master. But I did find a great little nugget during my latest foray into wasted time in the name of learning this week. I found lots of body positive reels set to a soundtrack by an artist called Jax, titled I Know Victoria’s Secret. It’s pretty catchy if you want to take a listen on YouTube, but the gist is that the bodies shown on Victoria’s Secret and magazine covers aren’t real, and are, most likely Photoshopped.


Ah, good old Photoshop. I have a love/hate relationship with it. So many times I get requests to change body shape with Photoshop. I get it … we all want to look our best. But my philosophy is that we should all also look like who we are. I do use Photoshop to complete my images. I will even out skintones, remove stray hairs and remove background distractions. But when it comes to body modifications, I don’t do it unless it is specifically requested.


So now you know Victoria’s Secret but what if I told you that I also have a secret for making you look your best in photos? And it has nothing to do with Photoshop. And you can do it yourself. What is this wizardry I speak of? Pssst … it’s posing. Believe it or not, the way that a body is presented to the camera can have a profound effect on the way the final image looks. Steve and I have studied posing extensively, and when we are photographing our clients we direct them to the most flattering pose. But when we are not around to direct you, I’ve got you covered. I’ve put our best posing advice into a video that you can watch for yourself right here!


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  • Tanya KingAmazing,  Marianne that was so very helpful and I never knew any of that. Thank you for sharing.  Your presentation was great.  ReplyCancel




Welcome to New Orleans’ best kept secret in wedding and lifestyle photography!


Clean, bold, authentic photography for people who live big and love bigger!

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